Steven Berger, M.D.

Key Facts

  • Occupation: Psychiatrist
  • Education: Doctorate of Medicine, University of Michigan Medical School
  • Services: Forensic psychiatric evaluations

As a board certified forensic psychiatrist for 40 years, my approach is evaluation of cases from a medical perspective. Records are reviewed to gather information about an evaluee’s medical and psychiatric history, particularly the effects of psychiatric illness on a person’s functioning. Examination of the evaluee is done with compassion, searching for understanding of the effect of the evaluee’s symptoms on functioning and emotions. A report is generated with specific answers to the questions raised in the case. Evaluations regard questions of competence (to stand trial, enter a contract, sign a will, etc.), criminal responsibility (insanity defense), psychiatric injury (trauma, emotional injury, intentional infliction of harm, etc.), work related questions (workers’ compensation, fitness for duty, dangerousness, or effects of discrimination, harassment, employer’s wrongful actions, deliberate indifference, etc.), disability (Social Security, private disability insurance), American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) questions of appropriate accommodation, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) questions of appropriate length of time off work, Child Custody, Parental Fitness, and Medical Malpractice. Cases are evaluated for all sides, whether individually retained, court appointed, Plaintiff, Defense, Civil, or Criminal.

After graduating from the University of Michigan Medical School, Dr. Berger trained in psychiatry at the Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute of the Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago. He has practiced psychiatry in Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, and for the last 3 years, Nevada. His practice venues have included private practice of clinical psychiatry for 48 years, private practice of forensic psychiatry for 40 years, outpatient community mental health, jail psychiatry, prison psychiatry, as well as private, public, and forensic inpatient psychiatry.

Dr. Berger has been married for over 50 years and has a family of 2 children. He does not wish or plan to retire, as he says, “I enjoy practicing psychiatry more than playing golf.”

Dr. Berger is a founding member of Sapience Practice.

Curriculum vitae (CV) is available on request.